What i'm most looking forward to in 2010
1. WOLFMAN with BENICIO "UNF" DEL TORO in Feb. Happy Birthday to ME <3

(look he gave to Scarlett Johanson before elevator sex)

2. M.I.A.'s new album!!

thats gotta be coolest baby EVER

3. Santogold's new album, with some help from Pharrell Williams

(dear pharrell, ima need u to get in my pants, love ashole)

4. Machete (directed by Robert Rodriguez and ft. Michelle Rodriguez)

Honorable Mention:

5. New Resident Evil Movie!
6. New Mortal Kombat Movie!!
7. Possible Maori Baby Dadi
8. New Gorillaz album
9. Possibly actually following through with my plans to burn down Fuckman


10. TRON LEGACY (solely for the purpose of watching Garrett Hedlund run around in a tight outfit)

i refuse to watch Four Brothers past the part where Jack is about to die :(

the end <3


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